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Men, We Need Each Other!

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.  Proverbs 27:17
As men, we pride ourselves in being independent.  Women may need each other’s support, but not us. We are fully capable of making our own decisions, finding our way without asking for directions, meeting our own needs and protecting our families.  We simply don’t need anyone else, right? WRONG!Although, I am confident that I could come up with many reasons why we need each other’s support, the most important is that we need to keep each other on track.  We need to be accountable to one another, especially in the area of sexual purity and marital fidelity.  Recent statistics show that 50% of married men are unfaithful to their wives.  50%!  That’s one out of every two; two out of every four; four out of every… well,  you get the math.  What a heartbreaking statistic.

In a recent blog post, Albert Mohler, who is the President of Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY spoke about how important a man’s church is to his ability to overcome sin and temptation.  You can read the entire article here…  Here is what Mohler wrote…

Christianity is not to be lived in isolation. We are called together into congregations of fellow believers, living together in submission to Christ and growing together by the ministry of the Word. Christian men desperately need the strength and accountability that comes through faithful membership in a Gospel church.

The congregation must provide moral protections as well as moral instruction. The men of the congregation, old and young together, must be a band of brothers ready to pray for one another, to encourage one another, to confront one another, to admonish one another, to protect one another, and to stand together in faithfulness to Christ.

Do your Christian brothers know of your practices, patterns of life, and principles of conduct? Are they ready to defend you should an accusation come? Do you regularly seek the counsel of your brothers in deciding how to conduct your marriage, your business life, and your professional practices? If not, you are in trouble already.

Guys, the truth is that we need each other.  Let me encourage you to find someone to whom you can be accountable.  Choose a friend that can be your accountability partner.  Join a men’s small group.  Meet with one of your pastors.  Find someone that can give you biblical and godly counsel.  If not, you might find yourself so dull that your testimony and ability to be used of God may be lost.

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