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Should a Pastor be a Theologian?
Recently, I was recommended an article by my friend and missionary Mike Todd on the debate as to whether a Pastor should be a Theologian.   The editorial begins with a joke that I trust that you will find as amusing as I did… 
The story is told of two seminary professors who were walking in a cemetery when one said to the other, “Look, two men are buried in this grave.” His colleague asked, “How do you know?”
“Because the tombstone says, ‘Here lies a pastor and a theologian.'”

Is theology just for professors?  Do pastors have the responsibility to not only understand theology but to teach it to their congregation as well?  Those questions are clearly and biblically answered in this article that was written more than ten years ago.  Let me encourage you to take the time to read it. 

Key Quote:  “Theology is best learned in the crucible of life and ministry, which means that a pastor must regard himself as a life-long learner and student. To aid in this process, a pastor should regard the study of theology and the discipline of thinking theologically ongoing responsibilities of his calling.”

As the author Tom Ascol states, “Recovering the pastor-theologian model is not optional for a ministry which is committed to being biblical. God’s Word requires pastors to see themselves in this light.” May God help those of us who are honored to bear the title of “pastor” to be committed to a strong biblical theology.

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