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The Genetics of Christmas, Part 1
Matthew 1:1-17

If you are like me, reading through the genealogies is not an easy task. Sometimes it is quite difficult to pronounce the names. In addition, it can be quite boring to read a long list of individuals whose names mean very little if anything to us. I have to admit that I have been known to skip those long lists and jump onto the next passage that seems to be a little more interesting. One of my fears, though, is that I will meet Amminadab, Nahshon or Salmon in Heaven and not remember that their names were listed in Matthew chapter one.

Believe it or not though, there are valuable truths that are hid within the unpronounceable names of the biblical genealogies. With a little more diligence and study we can uncover principles that can dramatically impact our lives. It just takes a little work.

A great example is the prayer of Jabez found in I Chronicles 4:9, 10. The first twelve chapters of I Chronicles give list after list of Israelite tribes, families and leaders. As I am sure you have experienced, it can be somewhat tedious to try to wade through each of those names. Nevertheless, right in the middle of he genealogical section, we find a tremendous prayer that gave Jabez the faith to overcome the tragedy that is illustrated by his name.

My point is that there are some wonderful truths that are buried deep within the genealogical lists. With that in mind, throughout the next few days we will take an exciting ride through Matthew chapter one. Let me encourage you to make a commitment to read through this chapter during the coming days. I promise that you will experience the excitement and the blessing of uncovering truths that you have never seen before!
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