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God is doing the miraculous!

Several weeks ago we began a campaign at Hollywood Community Church that we titled, “Rebuilding the Walls!” We recognized four walls that God needed to rebuild in order for us to be the church that God wants us to be.

* The wall of trust
* The wall of emotions
* The wall of leadership
* The wall of provision

In order to rebuild the final wall we felt led by God to take a special offering on Sunday, October 10th. We set a goal of $100,000 which for us was a huge step of faith. For the past three weeks our people have fasted and prayed asking God to do the impossible. Well, today He did just that. Our offering this morning was $93,484 and there is still more coming in. Isn’t that amazing. We truly serve an awesome God!

I also want to commend our church family. Many of our people gave sacrificially. Some of them made huge sacrifices. Please pray that God increases their faith and that He supplies all of their needs according to His riches in glory! (Phil 4:19)

God is doing great things at HCC. I am sure that there are many more great reports to come. Stay tuned…

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