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Facilities Team: Using their hands for God’s glory

Do you have handyman skills that you would love to use in the Lord’s service?  Have you been looking for a ministry that is behind the scenes? Are you the type of person that has a keen eye for detail and precision?   If so, then we have plenty of ministry opportunities for you.

God has wonderfully blessed Hollywood Community Church and Hollywood Christian School with beautiful facilities.  With almost 11.5 acres of land and more than 118,000 square feet of construction, we have plenty of property and buildings to do God’s work.  Frequently, I hear from pastors who would love to have the amount of space and property with which God has gifted us.  We are truly blessed!

Nevertheless, along with blessing comes responsibility.  Proper biblical stewardship necessitates that we take care of that which God has given to us. Admittedly, our facilities are older and in need of much work.  But, we love the challenge!

Under the leadership of Mark Metcalf, our facilities team does a wonderful job of keeping our buildings and grounds clean and pristine.   However, there is plenty of work and upkeep beyond what Mark’s team is able to do.  That is where our ministry volunteers come in. They help by using their time and talents in a variety of ways.

Lawn Care – With four acres of grass fields that regularly need cut and plenty of garden areas that need attention, we are looking for individuals who can use a weed eater, drive a lawn mower, trim bushes or keep our flowerbeds weed free.

Housekeeping – This team is looking for individuals with a willingness to keep our auditorium and facilities pristine. This team’s tasks include… cleaning the auditorium, sterilizing toys in the nursery, tearing down and setting up classrooms and maintaining our offices.

Maintenance and Repair – Since we attempt to do many of our projects on our own, Mr. Metcalf is looking for men with the following skills:  Electrical, plumbing, carpentry, air conditioning, and vehicle maintenance.   If God has gifted you with any of these abilities, be assured that we can use you!

When I think of “hands on ministry,” I am reminded of Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes 9:10,  “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”  Allow God to use your hands and your skills for the advancement of His kingdom. 

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