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First Impressions: Serving others with the gift of hospitality

Several weeks ago we were reminded that worship and service go hand-in-hand (Luke 4:8).   Worship without service is empty, and Christian service without worship is just busyness.  In other words, real worship propels us to serve, and heartfelt service results in passionate worship.  Where are you serving?

This week we highlight our First Impressions Ministry.   This ministry’s name alone demonstrates its importance and significance to Hollywood Community Church.   After all, as Will Rogers once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Thus, we must make sure that our first impression is a good one.   That is the responsibility of our First Impression Ministry.

This ministry includes four areas of service…

Parking Lot Team – Although, they serve in the parking lot, this team’s task is much greater than just parking cars.  They literally give the first impression of our ministry.  Thus they must be kind, patient, informed and willing to brave bad weather.  These individuals direct cars, give a warm greeting, provide golf cart transportation to the entrances and share general information.

Greeters – This team is stationed at the church entrances and scattered around the church auditorium.  They are individuals that are cheerful, friendly and helpful.  They give a warm greeting and provide detailed information as to where ministry activities are taking place.   In addition, they accommodate our guests by directing them to their seats, helping those that need assistance and giving a warm and making everyone feel welcome.

Ushers – Our team of ushers have the simple, yet extremely important job of collecting the offerings.   Obviously, these men and women need to be individuals of integrity that understand the importance of their mission.

Security – In these days of heightened violence and antagonism towards religion, this ministry is becoming increasingly more important.  This team has the responsibility of making sure that HCC is a safe and secure place where families can worship freely without worry or fear.  These individuals are the first responders to any medical need, disrespectful guest or threatening situation.

Hebrews 13:2 challenges us to not forget to show hospitality to strangers.  Consequently, we love and embrace every person that walks through our doors.  We must love them as Jesus loves them and welcome them as Jesus would welcome them.   That is the task of First Impressions!

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