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HCC Tech & Creative Teams: They Make It Happen!

On any given Sunday there are many ministry volunteers who serve behind the scenes.  They are rarely seen and receive very little recognition, but without their service Hollywood Community Church could not function.   Two of these teams are our Tech and Creative Teams.  Though you do not know who they are, be assured that they play a vital role in making our services successful.

Tech Team – These individuals are sound and computer technicians who manage and run our audio/visual equipment.  Their responsibilities include setting up the stage, mixing the sound, operating the cameras, screens, lights and video systems, editing video sermons, promotional videos and video announcements, and editing the audio podcasts.  These team members must have a keen ear, a sharp eye and a commitment to excellence.

Creative Team – The creative team takes the pastor’s sermon ideas and develops creative ways to communicate, promote and visualize the message.  They are involved in stage design, graphic design, the writing of dramas and the scripting of promotional materials.  This is a highly artistic and imaginative group.  If your skills lean towards creativity or if you love graphic arts or video production, this ministry is for you.

This is the fastest growing aspect of our ministry.  As a result we are constantly in need of individuals with the gifts and abilities to make this ministry happen.  If interested, please contact Pastor Brad Creviston at

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