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Our Loss is Ecuador’s Gain

We are losing one of our great families in LA CONEXION, the Spanish ministry of NTBC’s Broward location. For the past four years Ivan and Ximena Robilino have not only been faithful church members, but also a part of our leadership team. Ximena has faithfully served as a member of our praise and worship team. She also began a monthly ladies meeting in her home which proved to be a tremendous blessing to many of our ladies. Ivan was our first “sound guy” and for the past few years has led our audio/visual team.

Both Ivan and Ximena are from Cumbayá , Ecuador. Two years ago in our Missions Conference we hosted the Davoll family, missionaries to Ecuador. The Davolls are headed to, of all places, the city of Cumbayá to plant a church. Since that time, both families have been praying for God’s blessings upon this future missionary endeavor.

Ivan is an investment and insurance advisor. In recent years his client base has been growing extensively in Latin America, specifically In Ecuador. Recently, the Robilinos shared with us the fact that they feel that God is leading them to return home, back to Cumbayá. Their return will actually accomplish three purposes: The Robilinos are able to return to their native city, Ivan will be able to dedicate more time to his Ecuadorian clients, and they will be able to help the Davolls in their church planting efforts.

Though we are personally saddened by the fact that they will no longer be a part of our weekly fellowship, we realize that we are not really losing them. We are only extending our ministry into Ecuador. This is truly exciting for us, because one of the goals that we established early in our Spanish ministry was for God to use our people to impact their countries and their people with the Gospel. That is exactly what Ivan and Ximena are going to be able to do. How cool is that?

Presently, LA CONEXION is represented by believers from some 15 different countries. Many of them still have family and friends in their native lands, family and friends who do not know the Lord. Our challenge is to somehow reach those people with the Gospel. Please pray with us that God will increase our vision, enlarge our burden, and give us some divine direction as to what we can do to further His kingdom.
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