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Why attend the Wednesday night service?

This week we begin a new emphasis on our Wednesday night service.  We are calling it our “Wednesday Night Remix.”  Our desire is to get more of our church family participating.  Now, we certainly understand that the Bible never requires us to attend Wednesday night, and we also get that many families are so busy that it is difficult to fit a mid-week service into their weekly routines.  Nevertheless, we believe that it is an important factor in a family’s spiritual growth.   Here are four reasons why your family should attend Wednesday night…

1. It is a spiritual boost

We all know that life has a way of wearing us down and even sapping us of our spiritual energy.  After a few days of spiritual battle, it is refreshing and even strengthening to meet together with our faith family.  Thus, the Wednesday night service is like an early afternoon energy drink or cup of coffee that perks you up and gets you going again.   It helps to give you the spiritual energy you need to make it through the week.

The early church understood this principle; they actually met daily (Acts 2:46) for prayer, encouragement and Bible study.   The writer of Hebrews (Hebrews 10:25) exhorts us to meet frequently to encourage and strengthen one another.   WOW!  If the early church needed such a boost, we must too!

2.  It provides an opportunity for more spiritual growth

The style of Bible teaching on the Wednesday night service is intentionally different than that of Sunday.  We tend to get more in depth on Wednesday night.  The topics are dealt with in more detail.  Once again, the writer of Hebrews challenges us to not be satisfied with the milk of the Word, but to crave the meat also (Hebrews 5:12).  Wednesday night we give you meat.

II Peter 3:18 says, “…you must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”  The simple fact is the more you eat the more you grow.  The more you learn from God’s Word, the more mature you should be in your faith.

3. Your kids get plugged into church

This is such an important factor.  There are so many good activities that are clamoring for your kid’s attention (sports, dance classes, music lessons).  All of those things are good UNLESS they disconnect your kids from church.   I am finding that many families are so busy that they just do not have time for church.  That is so very dangerous.  Moms and dads, please know that the more your kids are plugged into their church, the better chance they have of staying close to the Lord later in life.  Don’t disconnect them.  Get them plugged in!

4.   We pray!

Historically, Wednesday night services began in the late 19th century as lay-led mid-week prayer services.  The churches had itinerant pastors that served various congregations, so each church met together on Wednesday night without their pastor for the purpose of prayer.  Prayer was the focus.

At HCC, we dedicate time every Wednesday night for prayer.  It is actually quite moving and powerful to see some 100 people praying and crying out to God together.  Colossians 4:2 challenges us to “devote ourselves to prayer.”  The truth is that we need you to be part of our prayer team.

As we REMIX our Wednesday night service, let me challenge you to take the plunge and join us.  I guarantee that it will be a decision that will impact your family and change your life for years to come.  See you on Wednesday night!

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